What's HV Sugar Co?

At Hudson Valley Sugar Company, we have a passion for all things sweet. We use quality ingredients (including Hudson Valley dairy!) to create jars of pourable goodness and the perfect bite of cake.  Spread our toppings on your favorite treat, dip some fruit into it, pour it over ice cream, stir it into a cocktail, eat it with a spoon. Our Cake Bites come in a variety of flavors and are the perfect way to get a perfect bite! Our brownies and cookies are everyone's favorite, and there's always new and different products to try. We also take special orders, let us know your favorite way to sweeten up your life!

HV Sugar Co was started by Nicolette, a baker, bartender, and designer. After working in the design world for seven years while simultaneously running a food blog, Nicolette moved back to the Hudson Valley from Brooklyn to open a restaurant with her mom. After being the pastry chef at their restaurant for seven years, she is starting a new endeavor and using her husband and two daughters as frequent taste testers and dish washers.

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